Welcome to Hidden Jiu- Jitsu Camps

I am excited to meet you and spend time sharing my passion, love and knowledge of of Jiu- Jitsu with you! I have chosen some of the most amazing destinations around the world so that not only can you spend time learning and taking your Jiu-Jitsu to the next level you also have the opportunity to meet other amazing people from all over the world in a location where you will create unforgettable memories. Come solo, come with your significant other or come with the whole family! There’s plenty to do for everyone. See you on the mats!

-Henry Akins


Upcoming Camps 


Las Vegas Sept 23 - 27 2019

Thailand Dec 29 - Jan 4

Costa Rica Feb 23 - 29 2020

My first camp was the first Costa Rica camp, and I have done every one since. I keep coming back because I am able to improve my Jiu Jitsu game more in a week than I am in several months at home. The access to Henry that is available during the camps is amazing. Henry runs question and answer sessions, as well as organized seminar style trainings, and positional trainings. This allows you to really examine the holes in your game and fix them.

In addition to the amazing training, the experience of being at the camps is next level awesome. Amazing groups of people attend each camp. I still keep in touch with a ton of people I’ve met over the years . It’s such a cool thing getting to meet people from all over I can’t recommend the Hidden Jiu Jitsu camps enough.
— Dan Hart | Alpha Jiu Jitsu
Having attended 2-3 of Henry’s weekend camps I had high expectations for HJJ Costa Rica 2019...and it did not disappoint! The amount and quality of instruction was superb and the facilities outstanding. Henry’s methodology lends itself to fixing the holes in your game.

And the ability to spend nearly a full week absorbing Henry’s knowledge is, well, mind-blowing.
— Derik Morefield
It’s hard to properly describe how valuable Henry’s HJJ Costa Rica camp really is. Not only is the instruction and opportunity to learn second to none, the people I met were wonderful and the location was amazing.

Cannot wait to go again, this time with my wife and several people from my local gym who were floored by how much my game improved after the camp.
— Rob Wolf | Biochemist, NY Times bestselling author
I had an amazing time at the Costa Rica camp. I had previously been to many of Henry’s seminars, but I have never learned so much and experienced such a huge improvement in such a short period of time. The location was beautiful, and the ability to just relax and train really allowed us to focus on jiujitsu and enjoy the experience. As always, Henry’s instruction and adjustments were personalized and perfectly spot on for each of us.

We were encouraged to ask as many questions as we needed to grasp the concepts he shared. For anyone who is interested in improving their jiujitsu, making great friends, and just having an all-around fun trip, I would highly recommend attending one of these camps.
— Erik S.